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                    ABOUT US

                    Cixi SANYO Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of electrical switches, waterproof switch / socket, electric water heater enterprises. Company is located in the beautiful and rich is known as "Cixi waxberry Jia Tianxia" Zhejiang town she East depends on Ningbo, west of Hangzhou, and Shanghai in the North Sea, the world's longest Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge is transverse frame in the.

                    CONTACT US

                    E-mail:[email protected]

                    copyright 2008-(c) All Rightd By Sanyang Electric :Cixi City Sanyang Electronic Co., Ltd.
                    Add:Pengqiao Hengheng Town Cixi City Zhejiang China Tel:0574-63832066 Fax:0574-63832199 E-mail:[email protected]

                    Welcome, you are the 49412 customers.

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